Waiting for the madness to begin

Two days to go… two days to what do you ask?

Am heading off up North. A trip to Rishikesh where we should do some river rafting – though that part of the itenarary is still sketchy – and a trek to Saar Pass. The schedule is yet not cast in stone, and I have a feeling this is gonna be one of those trips where surprises could ambush us from nowhere. Am a great believer in Murphy’s law when it comes to executing plans, so we have most (and not all)  of the bases covered, but you’d never know :p
Am all packed and ready to set off. My rucksack looks like a portly limp man who could not shed his weight inspite of all the workouts. Wait, it’s not just bulky, it’s bloated and looks almost as large as me. God, if only we could device a way to compress baggage!!
Have been exercising to prepare for the trek, though I have no idea what kind of preparation this trip warrants. Blogs tell me Saar Pass is one of the tougher treks from the YHAI. I guess this will be some muscle straining, bone crunching fun 🙂

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